Kyle and Jo

November 2018


Nicolette was invaluable in helping us make sense of the market and seller's motivations. She had a really good sense of what was actually in our price range vs what was listed artificially low. In the end, the house we ended up with was not one that was on our radar until she suggested we go to see it. From there, it was love at first sight.


Laetitia and Paul Mc Cullough

October 2018

Nicolette was so helpful in our search for a home in Oakland. She has an excellent knowledge of the neighborhoods and can make personalized recommendations based on what she thinks fits our needs and lifestyle after she got to know us. She takes the time to hunt for houses and explore with us all Sunday long! She really is committed to help us find the best fit, at all steps.

She knows how to find the hidden gems and under marketed houses, which helped us - first home buyers - a lot !

Her professional experience in this hot market really made it possible for us to win the offer thanks to her smart advice.



Edward Durant

Yelp, February 2018

Trying to find a house in the Bay Area is incredibly intimidating. We are lucky that Nicolette was our realtor. She helped us find a fixer upper in the Oakland Hills that was within our price range and she was with us every step of the way - from helping us to find a temporary rental while the deal went through (we were in the process of moving from out of state) to finding a good lender and a reliable contractor. She treated us like family and we couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. This is the person you want on your side in the Bay Area housing market.

Rona and Henri

Yelp, January 2018

Nicolette went above and beyond to help me and my husband get into our first home. We are not wealthy by any means and Oakland is not a cheap place to buy, AND we had to buy on a fairly short timeline because we had gotten bought out of our lease. Nicolette was referred to us by our credit union and I'm so glad. We had actually been working with another realtor previously but that person was not very helpful. The very first day that we hired Nicolette she called me after having seen several houses that day including a drive-by look at one she thought might be good for us, and gave us a list of places to check out. She is kind, positive, thorough, knows the market really well, and even brings a homemade apple pie to you after you've moved into your house! We love Nicolette.

Lauren Gruber & Edouard Swiac

January 2018

We bought a Duplex on Manila in Temescal. Nicolette is an excellent agent with great knowledge of the local market and a great attitude. She helped us negotiate our offer which saved us money in the end!  Thank you for your service to us.

Jamie Knowles

Facebook, December 2017


Nicolette is awesome! Throughout the process of us buying a home, she offered timely expertise and in-depth knowledge of the neighborhoods we were looking in. Most importantly, she listened! She asked questions and integrated our responses into her thinking so that as we continued looking, the   houses she showed us fit more and more into what we were looking for. I highly recommend Nicolette for help buying or selling a home!

Ben Snyder

Facebook, November 2017

As a first time home buyer, I had a lot to learn about navigating the real estate market in the Bay Area. Nicolette was so patient with me, and she was there for me every step of the way, helping me close on a house that’s just perfect for me and my family. We’re so happy and couldn’t recommend her more strongly to anyone considering buying a home here!

Pierre Saslawsky

Facebook, August 2017


Nicolette is absolutely awesome as a real-estate agent. We asked her to help us buy our first home

and if I am writing this review from a gem of a house right now, it's in large part thanks to her. She played a critical role at every step of the process:
- understanding what we wanted,
- finding houses we would have never seen otherwise (we are pretty savvy on the computer but she    has more connections than just the internet:),
- finding a financing we could afford (we ended up going with the loan officer she recommended: diligent, kind, very helpful, and... the best rates from anywhere),
- decrypting the legalese and protecting our interests,
- helping with moving in (formalities, finding contractors, scheduling...)


Among the qualities that really distinguish her:
- hardworking (waking up before the sun so we had a list of leads first thing in the morning),
- detailed familiarity with the area (sometimes down to the block),
- patience and availability always,
- tenacity and knowledge of the law when necessary,
- resourcefulness (and she had to show plenty because our purchase was particularly tricky)

And she does all that with the dedication and the congeniality you would expect from a close friend, so what's more to say?


Only one thing maybe... THANK YOU, Nicolette! What a fantastic home you got us!

Sigrid Sanborn

Facebook, August 2017

Nicolette found our magical property 8 years ago. Our family was living in Florida at the time and we were thrilled to move back to the Bay Area. We decided upon the East Bay and wanted to live in a public school district that would take our twins from elementary to high school and preferably a special, unique house. Nicolette immediately understood what we were looking for and surprised us with a truly rare find in Piedmont. However 'finding' and 'getting' the house in a hot market is not easy. But with Nicolette's quick responsiveness, personal skills and professional offer we got our phenomenal house. Altogether a seamless process. Nicolette is an amazing realtor - call her!


Suzanne Ayriss 

Yelp, July 9th, 2017

I used Nicolette at the recommendation of a good friend who is super picky.  She and I worked very well together to come up with a plan to sell.  She eased me though the prep period with great feedback.  Of course, I used her to buy the next home too.   She recommended a loan officer who was very fast and diligent.  He whipped me into shape and got a super fast close.  One thing that the loan guy said, "Nicolette knows how to close" and he's right. Communication was great, details were sent and she made sure to take care of her duties to communicate on my behalf.  So all around, a great communicator and that is KEY when it comes to doing this job right.   Her bright attitude and enthusiasm for what she did made all of the stress of buying a home very tolerable.  I'd use her again and I'd recommend her to others!  Sit down and have an introduction coffee shop meeting and you'll see what I mean.


R. Fernandez and H.Chiu

Facebook, July 25th, 2017 


Nicolette helped my husband and me find a house within a super tight timeline and an even tighter budget. We love our home and our neighborhood and we wouldn't have been able to make it work without Nicolette's determination, love of her job and her clients and creative problem-solving. we felt like she was a real partner in our housing search, and made it much less stressful! Plus she's funny, compassionate and super sweet! She goes the extra mile for her clients. We love Nicolette!


Jenn and Anna Koscielniak 

Zillow, March 2017

Nicolette was amazing. My wife and I wanted to buy a home and we had no idea where to begin. Our first interaction with Nicolette was over the phone. She was recommended to us through a friend who was represented by Nicolette as well.

I called her and immediately I was impressed with how easily we built a trusted rapport simply through sharing our home goals with Nicolette and feeling that she represented us and our family values 100%. We will recommend her to family and friends because we know the care, consideration and follow-through she takes in her clients.


Joshua Lilienstein

Facebook, April 2017

We worked with Nicolette Sommer on buying a home in Berkeley, she was great. She knows the East Bay very well. She is down-to-earth, fun to spend time with, and really understood us and what we were looking for. She is honest, and not at all into up-selling. Highly recommended!



Yelp, December 2014


One afternoon in 2004, I was driving in the Oakland Hills looking for a small piece of property for my daughter. I was interested in a particular place and called the agent's number on the sign post. That agent was unable to respond to me and passed me on to his colleague, Nicolette Sommer. Boy, did I get lucky!

Nicolette has worked with me ever since and she is a remarkable human being. She spent copious hours driving through terrain that was familiar to her but but new to me, it didn't matter to her that my plans were still vague and I had no definite budget in mind. She was focused on educating me about the environment and whether or not I could see my daughter or ourselves living in it.

She's the consummate real estate agent. You want someone like her who will pull you away from potential 'risky' buys despite how enticing they may seem. Making her quota is never her goal, her only goal is understanding her clients and working with them with infinite patience to get them the best possible place.

She's gone on to help friends of mine locate investment properties in Berkeley and Oakland. A couple of them hold real estate licenses but they still rely on Nicolette because as Venkat, my nephew said to me, "She's a real person, she truly cares that we find a place we will be happy in. She is in touch always, it's not like she disappears after the sale. Plus, I save so much time because she does all the research!" That is such a true summary of Nicolette.

When we were ready to move to the city, Nicolette helped us find a top notch renter for our property. Her help and support is holistic. I can't adequately explain how kind and generous she is with her time and attention.

In this current environment when every home seems to fetch multiple offers over asking price, she is a champion who will go to bat for you with tremendous gusto. You want her on your side, she will use all means possible to get you the deal, not just coercing you to put more money on the bid to make it easy for her. She's very judicious about that.

We LOVE Nicolette and rely on her goodness and expertise to help us find properties that make sense for us. My daughters are working with her now as they secure their own properties and I am so glad I can rest assured they are in good hands and in the warm care of a person filled with deep empathy and understanding. Thank you Nicolette.

Maggie Lamb 

Facebook, May 2013

This lady is truly magical. I am a first-time home-buyer and artist. Nicolette graciously shared her knowledge on every aspect of the process and fought with me every step of the way. Even in this market I was able to find the way to my new home and I couldn't have done it without Nicolette!


Donna Egan

Yelp, December 2012

Nicolette is an amazing realtor. She has the best attitude, is so knowledgeable, so professional and fun to work with as well.  She helped me buy a house in the Oakland Hills after moving from Los Angeles and always was up for showing me new homes, going back and revisiting ones we had already seen, and always had great enthusiasm for the job. Her advice was a invaluable...she knows the market, she knows how to negotiate, and she knows that her client deserves her best efforts.
I will refer all my friends to Nicolette after having such a positive experience.  I ended up with a great house that I love due largely to her diligence, perseverance and experience.

Karen Cook

Yelp, April 2011

I refer all my Clients & friends to Nicolette!  She is the most competent Agent In the East Bay.  I am sure that I would not have my home if not for her knowledge of the very competitive market 6 years ago. She made the whole thing happen while I was vacationing in Mexico. Her advice made sure I came in with a competitive bid. She also sold the the old house and I got several bids all above asking.  I trust her to give me sound advise ,She'll make sure to let you know if what your looking at isn't a good deal! I believe that using a experienced agent is as important as finding the house itself.

Lesa Neal

Yelp, August 2010


I met Nicolette through some mutual friends when I had decided it was time to buy a house. I had never wanted to buy a house because I didn't want to commit to staying in one place (too much to deal with if I decided I wanted to move). Needless to say Nicolette said she would take the challenge and I do mean it was a challenge.

I had a limited budget and plenty of ideas (i.e. high maintenance) and we looked for months! Looking back I think I should probably offer her a sympathy card for all she went through with finding me the right house. She was tireless, creative in her ideas, honest ...when she thought a house wasn't a good match she would say so and why, to her own detriment .

I went through Wells Fargo and it was awful, my mortgage broker was not the most reliable and she resigned halfway through the process. I don't know how many times I told Nicolette I was walking away from the deal and she would maintain the head of reason. It was a very stressful escrow and I really thought the house would never close. I think I must have called Nicolette several times a day and never once did she put me off or not return a call immediately. I think she got the whole gamut of my personality in those phone calls, laughing, crying, yelling about the mortgage company and she would just listen and then present the plan! This for me was priceless.

We finally found a house on a perfect street with great neighbors. I have settled in and begun the process of making it my home. Buying  a house for the first time is a very personal experience, your Realtor has to be someone you feel comfortable with. We spent so much time together she had insight into almost every aspect of my life. There is no such thing as a 9 to 5 for this woman and there is only positive energy gently guiding you on, even when you call during dinner or on her day off. She was determined to find me a house and didn't quit even when I was at my lowest.

If you want someone to negotiate for you with your best interest as if it was her own, this would be who you want. I trust her implicitly and in addition to being my Realtor she  has become a very good friend. I really believe that if I had chosen another Realtor, I wouldn't  be in a house today.

Mia Shin

Yelp, August 2009

I love Nicolette and would never consider working with any other Real Estate Agent!

Nicolette was referred to me by a friend 5 years ago when we were looking to buy our first house.  Her knowledge of the area and her ability to gauge the needs of her clients made that process a breeze.  She lined up some great options for us in a very difficult buyer's market and we ended up making an offer on one of the first houses we saw on the very first day we started our search.  

We loved that house so much and were happy there for 3 years.  But as our kids neared school age, we knew we had to move to a different neighborhood.  Nicolette came through again and found us the perfect house in a neighborhood that we wanted.  She helped us sell our old house while closing on the new one.  It was probably one of the most stressful times of my life but having Nicolette as my agent made things easier.  I must have seen her every day during that two month period.  She worked tirelessly, coming over to our house at all hours to process documents, to strategist or just to talk.  She hired contractors for us and orchestrated their efforts while my husband and I were at work.  Needless to say, things turned out optimally and we are still in the house that Nicolette found for us for the second time around.  

Let me now disclose that over the course of working with her, she has become one of my closest friends.  You can either read that as this review being biased or accept what it says about Nicolette.  In addition to her expert knowledge of the areas she serves (Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, San Leandro), the qualities that make her a great Realtor are the same qualities that make her such a great friend.  She is honest and genuine and will always tell you what she thinks, even if it goes against her interest.  She is fun to be around.  Looking at houses with her is a joy because of the enthusiasm that she brings with her.  You'd think that she was looking for a house for herself.  I believe that stems from the fact that she truly loves what she does.

While she expertly handles the official business end of buying and selling a house (did I mention she is a great Realtor?), she also shares the emotional ride of the process as well.  After all, isn't buying and selling your home a very personal experience?  She jumped for joy with me with every good news and she was near tears when things didn't work out.  I really can't say enough about her.  I guess it says a lot that so many of her close friends started out as her clients.


Robyn Liebler

Berkeley Parents Network, 2003

From time to time I've seen requests for realtors listed in this newsletter - so I wanted to offer my own recommendation. Our realtor, Nicolette Bot from Wells and Bennett, was terrific to work with. Of course, when we started our house search, we wanted everything - cute house with lots of character and enough room to grow, nice neighborhood, easy commute, good school - but we had a limited budget to work with. Nicolette worked with us for over a year to find the right home and the right neighborhood. And having kids of her own, Nicolette truly understand our needs. We were priced out of areas like Rockridge and Montclair - but Nicolette helped us find a neighborhood in San Leandro that had everything we wanted, for significantly less. And we never would have found it without her. We didn't have a huge amount of money to spend, but Nicolette always made us feel like we were her number one priority. I can't say enough wonderful things about working with Nicolette Bot. It was almost like working with a friend to help chose your home. And in fact, what has been especially nice about the whole experience is that once the paperwork was signed and the house was ours, we easily transitioned from client/agent to friends.